10 Reasons Why The Innovative Educator Is In Love with Unschooling

Why would someone with a career vested in the school system be in love with unschooling? Well, frankly it’s because I know a LOT about learning and from what I’ve seen, read, observed and experienced, unschooling is a terrific way to learn. What’s more, unlike schooling, you grow up more prepared for life and the passion, creativity, and the love of learning doesn’t get sucked right out of you.

Here are ten reasons why I love how unschoolers learn:

  1. You can be driven by passion, rather than data.
  2. Learning is customized not standardized
  3. You can learn with those you enjoy being with (or no one at all) rather than those who share your birth year
  4. You have the freedom to learn with the tools you choose because they’re not banned like they are for school children.
  5. You have the opportunity to socialize and make global connections with those who share your passions not just your zip code or date of birth.
  6. Getting to achieve real-life success is better than being measured by bubble tests.
  7. You don’t just read about doing stuff. You do stuff!
  8. You get to be more than a number on a report card, transcript, or data report.
  9. You are able to do work you value.
  10. You are given the freedom to know what you are good at without being forced to take tests, do worksheets or reports.
Parents who unschool realize that the industrial model school’s of today are preparing their children for a world that no longer exists. I love that unschooling parents have escaped from the status quo to provide their children with the best opportunities for satisfaction and success in life and career. Unschooling parents realize that when confined in a traditional school, their children no longer have the freedom to learn.  It is because students are empowered to learn and live in the ways they chose, that I have come to love unschooling.
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