My Favorite Quote for 2010

I recently wrote My Top 20 Education Quotes from 2009, but my favorite quote (perhaps even Mantra) for 2010 is from Will Richardson in 2008. A great thing about quotes is they can last forever...especially when you publish them. Here is the quote along with the post from where it came. A great read too btw...

"What I want from my kids’ school is to help me identify what they love, what their strengths are, and then help them create their own paths to mastery of their passions. Stop spending so much time focusing on subjects or courses that 'they need for college' but don’t interest them in the least. Help them become learners who will be able to find and make good use of the knowledge that they need when they need it, whether that means finding an answer online or taking a college course to deepen their understanding. And finally, prepare them to create their own credentials that will powerfully display their capabilities, passions and potentials."On My Mind & The Shifts 29 Dec 2008 11:00 am“Oh, and You Have a Degree, Too?”
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