10 Ideas for Innovative Math Instruction

Innovative educators know that math doesn't have to be boring or abstract. There are several innovative ideas for spicing up your math class. My favorite idea for educating innovatively in math is mathcasting which is fabulous, free, and easy. The first three articles below touch on the concept. The fourth article introduces two really interesting math resources that innovative math educators may find of interest. One is a site that has great ideas for relating math to real life and another is a bank of videos that students stuck on a concept can refer to when necessary. The fifth, sixth, and seventh article highlight some software programs that math educators might find of interest for remediation, though they're more geared toward elementary. The eighth article has some inspirational lectures to inspire math students, and the ninth article looks at an innovative math program piloted in New York City. The last is a link to Teachers.tv which is fabulously cool and free. From algebra to vectors - and everything in between - the site enables you to explore ways to get the message across and bring math to life.

  1. Kids Teach Kids with Mathcasting
  2. There is Such a Thing as a Free Lunch: 8 Free and Easy Ways to Begin Educating Innovatively
  3. 21st Century Educators Don’t Say, “Hand It In.” They say, “Publish It!
  4. Innovative Ideas That Make Sense for Those Hungry for Math Instruction
  5. Free Math, Language Arts, and Geography Games
  6. Timez Attack Helps Kids Have Fun Tackling Math Times Tables
  7. Game-Based Learning Site for Innovative Math Educators
  8. 100 Incredible Open Lectures for Math Geeks
  9. 5 Innovative Ways to Differentiate Instruction as Witnessed During My Visit to the School of One
  10. Teacher's TV - Math
If you find any of these ideas useful, please share your thoughts in a comment or even a guest post on The Innovative Educator.

Here's another great resource:
"Science of NFL Football" is a 10-part video series funded by the National Science Foundation and produced in partnership with the National Football League. Lessonopoly has created student activities and lesson plans to support the video series which will help students learn concepts like nutrition, kinematics, and projectile motion. Each video is complemented with lesson plans which include fun classroom activities.
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