Timez Attack Helps Kids Have Fun Tackling Math Times Tables

By Jacob Gutnicki

Timez  Attack WindowsSeveral weeks ago my son came home very excited. “Daddy, daddy, daddy. Do you know about Timez Attack. I replied, “No I do not. What is it?” My son said, “It teaches me times.” A little later that day, I downloaded/installed the software and watched my son play this game. Within a few minutes, I understood why this game had much appeal. The game is very motivational, as it has a cast of characters that includes dragons, robots, caves laced with lava, and other types of visuals that will appeal to the typical 8-year-old child.

At the same time, it is an educationally sound game as it properly displayed 3x3 as 3 groups of 3. There were also other features that met my liking. For example, at different intervals the game would use traditional reinforcement strategies. More importantly, I am glad to see that he is both enjoying the game and learning his math facts.

Interestingly enough, he is fully aware that the game is attempting to teach him multiplication. In fact, prior to starting a game, my son usually announces in a newscaster voice, “Its time to learn times with Timez Attack.” Naturally, like any game, learning opportunities should be enhanced by having the participating adult ask the student questions or provide instruction if applicable. Having said that, I am glad that my son is excited about learning multiplication and kvetched me to download Timez Attack. Now if I only can find him a game to teach division…

Here is an overview of the game:

And if you were wondering...
The base version is TOTALLY FREE
The free version teaches all the facts, 2 - 12

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